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EyeOnPass can either inform Customer if a new user is trying to register with a previously breached password or block the user from creating an account with a previously breached password, stopping new customers from entering any credentials that have been involved in a breach and, at the same time, informing them why the account information has been rejected.


Password change

The fact is if users create a password on one service they are probably using it on others too. The EyeOnPass API will identify whether or not a password has been part of a previous breach. At this point, you could either block the breached password entirely and enforce a mandatory password change, or ask them if they’d like to proceed and change it voluntarily. Having already registered, you won’t be jeopardizing a sign-up, so that’s why we recommend a mandatory password change as the best course of action.



The EyeOnPass API constantly monitors the passwords being entered into your site, checking whether any new or existing customers are using or intending to use potentially threatening credentials, giving you the chance to take action before it’s too late.